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At A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc., we're professionals and it's our business to fix your locks. Whether it's an emergency auto lockout late at night or simply making your home or commercial facility more secure, we've got the ability you need and the excellent customer service you deserve.

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A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. is your Master Key for Home And Business Security.

Featuring top shelf customer service and an unrivaled locksmithing ability, A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. is the premier choice for residential, commercial, auto, and emergency lockout situations. Whatever your lock needs, we'll develop the best possible solution and get you back on your feet.

We understand that most calls from our Brooklyn customers come during a time of need. As such, every member of our team understands that it's more than a company-client relationship - it's helping a neighbor in need. That means you'll always be treated with respect and never overcharged.

You may not need A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. now, but it's always good to be prepared. Keep our number, close, 718-934-1116, and we'll come to your Brooklyn location when you need us.

P.S. That's Bower in the photo, he follows Tommy around 24/7 and he will be so happy to meet you!

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The Locksmithing Pros of Brooklyn

Our locksmithing team is capable of nearly any task and always ready to take on a difficult challenge. Check out our primary locksmithing services below

We've all been there - stuck without keys in a difficult spot. Because we've been there and because we've seen so many people in Brooklyn in exactly the same situation, A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. knows exactly how you feel and what needs to be done to transform that stress and frustration into relief. When you call us for emergency locksmith services, we'll be on the way with the exact solution you need.

Needing a locksmith can come in many forms, but A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. is ready for all of them. Whether you're locked out of your car or need a home lock change at the last minute, we'll respond and get the job done efficiently and effectively.

While some Brooklyn locksmith companies may look at an unfortunate emergency situation as a chance to gouge their clients, A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. sees it in a different way. This situation is our opportunity to show you our ability, our understanding, and why we should be the locksmith you call the next time you need help.

For a local Brooklyn locksmith that cares about your emergency and will provide an answer, call A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. at 718-934-1116 .

In today's world, the automobile has become an essential part of day-to-day life for many people in Brooklyn. When a lockout happens, it's more than an inconvenience - it means you'll be late to work, your groceries will spoil, or your children will be left at school waiting for you to pick them up. Fortunately, A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. offers speedy auto locksmith solutions to get you back behind the wheel.

When you call A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc., the assigned locksmith will have a range of skills to choose from. Not only can we help you open a locked card door when your keys are trapped inside, but we can provide other auto locksmith services such as auto security system repair, new lock installations, and key replacements/duplications.

Auto locksmith issues may be the most common in Brooklyn, but there's no reason to be frustrated. With A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc., you have a local partner that will respond quickly, have a workable solution, and treat you with the utmost level of customer service.

Keep our number in your pocket and call A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. at 718-934-1116 the next time your locked out of your car in Brooklyn.

Your A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. home is your castle, where safety and security should be a given. However, when lock issues happen, they can disrupt that feeling of integrity, leading to sleepless nights and a feeling of danger. Rather than toss and turn, contact A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. and one of our residential locksmith specialists will make a visit day or night to correct the situation.

The locksmith team at A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. prides itself on staying up-to-date with home security advancements and has developed an impressive array of skills ready to deal with nearly any residential lockout problem. We can perform lost key retrievals, on-site key replacements, break-in lock damage repairs, home security system installations, and much more.

Because residential locksmith issues can happen anytime, we have emergency service to deliver a timely response. With the highest level of professionalism and an ability that's simply unmatched in Brooklyn, our team will restore that secure castle feeling to your home.

For any residential locksmith task in Brooklyn, feel free to contact A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. at 718-934-1116 for a free estimate of services.

Unlike homes that may only have a few locks here and there, a business in Brooklyn can present a much more complex locking environment. As a company owner, you probably have not only locking doors and windows but also a host of other lockable items, such as safes, vaults, filing cabinets, cash registers, and more. A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. is your partner for commercial locksmith services.

Whether you're responding to a break-in or simply looking to beef up your security level, A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. can make it happen. Our team can repair broken locks, upgrade existing systems to near-impenetrable status, and install new locks to protect your Brooklyn business's valuables. In addition, we can provide a full analysis to show you vulnerabilities in your current system.

At A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc., we greatly value our commercial partners and we're proud to help create a system that protects your business. With central billing, annual maintenance packages, and other corporate amenities, we're Brooklyn's best B2B partner for your locksmith needs.

To learn more about A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. commercial locksmith services, speak to a professional by dialing 718-934-1116.

High grade locks in Brooklyn can be expensive, which makes them that much more painful to replace when a single key is lost. However, instead of changing the whole lock, there is another option - having A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. re-key the structure. Essentially, re-keying means that our locksmith will adjust the tumblers so that existing keys will no longer work, thus creating a new locking system from the existing hardware.

The big advantage of re-keying is obviously the cost, but it can also open the door to another advantage. While A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. is re-keying your Brooklyn property, we can also create a master key that works not only at your front door, but also the back door, gate, and garage door at the same time. This one key to rule them all will help unnecessarily filled keychains and the never-ending struggle to locate the right key.

Re-keying and master keying is delicate business and requires the experience and training of a true professional. Other locksmith firms in Brooklyn may require full replacement because they don't have these skills, but A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. will always work for your best interest to create a secure solution at an advantageous cost.

Step up to Brooklyn's best locksmith - call A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. today at 718-934-1116.

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Being able to know who is at the door can be a safety issue, or maybe you just don't feel like getting up for some people. In Brooklyn having an intercom system can be a vital addition to your home and home security system. A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. provides full installation, maintenance and repair services for intercom systems. Don't wait for your system to fail you, call us today at 718-934-1116 to hear about how we can serve you today.

Obviously it's not possible to be everywhere at once, but that doesn't mean you can't have the security of always being ready. Be it for your home or business, being preemptive in the battle against intruders and crime can allow you to sleep easy. At A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. we specialize in all brand installation of CCTV camera installations. With a new level of surveillance, you'll be able to identify security problems before they arise, as well as ensure that your property can always be under safe watch. Be it to prevent crime or, simply see who is at the door, A Leading Lock & Alarm Inc. is Brooklyn's leading provider for CCTV systems. Contact us today at 718-934-1116 to learn more about how we can protect your business, your home or yourself.

The safety and protection of your Brooklyn home could be a life and death matter. Don't leave issues that important to chance, with A Leading Lock & Alarm we look to ensure the safety of yourself and your home. At A Leading Lock & Alarm, our aim is always to stay up to date on all trends in safeguarding your home. We specialize in all aspects when it comes to burglar alarms and the security of your domain. We supply and install DCS Brand systems for those who need a completely new system. In addition we offer repairs and maintenance on existing systems. For all your home security and alarm system needs contact us today at 718-934-1116 to learn more about how we can help protect you in the sanctuary of your home.

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